October 18, 2021

Growing Season Is Upon Us!

By Andrea Davine
Growing Season Is Upon Us!
We’re sure you’ve noticed the weather warming up, and believe us when we say your plants have too!
As we move into the warmer part of the year we enter a period we gardeners like to call “growing season”! This is because most of your plants will be taking this opportunity to get to work on their growth, and you’ll start to see more and more of it as the year progresses.
“Great! So I’ll just sit back and take in the view!” I hear you say, relieved your plants survived the winter... Well, not exactly.
Much the same way you wouldn’t go to the gym starving, your plants need nutrients to grow and develop. If you don’t feed them, they won’t be able to grow! But don’t bust out the leftover casserole just yet. Plants follow a very specific diet, just three letters long: NPK.
When feeding plants, you’ll be looking to fertilisers to deliver nutrients. The macronutrients that all plants need are Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K).
Nitrogen: Helps develop large healthy leaves
Phosphorus: Strengthens the root system
Potassium: Allows for flowering and fruiting
Different plants may benefit from adjusting your ratio, but so long as your fertiliser has these three macronutrients, your plants will thank you.
Fertiliser can also come in different forms; solid and liquid.
The solid version comes as pellets and will slowly dissolve over time. Sprinkle them over the top of your plant’s soil every three months during the growing season, which will usually end up only being twice.
Pros: Set and forget, slow and consistent fertilisation
Cons: No control over release, risk of fertiliser burn
Liquid fertiliser is added to your watering can with your usual watering.
We recommend adding it roughly once a month during the growing season. Liquid fertiliser is also fantastic to add to cuttings placed in water and can be added to a spray bottle for your tree-bound air plants and stag ferns.
Pros: Much more control, able to be diluted
Cons: Easy to forget
“But how do I choose?!” We hear you lament, cursing this Pandora’s plant box that you’ve opened.
Have no fear!
Here are our staff recommendations:
We recommend The Plant Runner's Indoor Plant Food for your indoor plants.
If you own nonflowering plants, this liquid fertiliser is perfect! I find it gentle on plants and useful for cuttings and terrariums too! I always add a small amount to my air plants’ soaking bucket for an added booster!
For an all rounder, suitable for every plant we recommend GROW Bio Organic Liquid Fertiliser. GROW is developed from specially selected organically composted chicken manure which is put through a unique process of aerobic fermentation creating a pH neutral liquid with a complete balance of macro and micro nutrients.
For a slow release, solid fertiliser We The Wild's Support Pellets help build your plant's strength and resilience over 6-8 weeks. The pellets slowly transform the soil, adding valuable nutrients to assist with growth.
We welcome you to visit our stores and have a chat with our friendly staff about your feeding your plants this spring!!
Written by Jace & Dana