Peperomia Obtusifolia - Marble

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Variegated peperomia’s are an aesthetically pleasing version of the baby rubber plant. Each plant is beautifully compact, with thick glossy textured leaves.

Growing to approximately 20-30cm high, a variegated peperomia will brighten any interior space. With varying shades of green, olive, and creamy white, each leaf looks like it has been painted with a talented hand. Its compact nature makes it suited to growing in low light, making it perfect for that darker corner or office. Peperomias are typically low maintenance, resilient and only require minimal care. They are tolerant of shady conditions, moderate light and thrive under fluorescent lighting.

Peperomias are not tolerant of direct sunlight. Peperomia’s prefer to be watered only once the soil has mostly dried out. This is likely to be once a week in warmer months and once every 10-14 days in cooler months.

This plant is in a 100mm pot. All plants a sent express post. Plants cannot be shipped to WA, TAS or NT.