Our Mission

Our aim is to help individuals and communities to create healthier spaces and places by including plants in their environments. We believe that healthy plants are synonymous with healthy living. The health benefits of plants, particularly in our indoor and built environments are well documented and numerous.

Our vision is to create city jungles amongst the concrete backdrop of modern living. For so many of us, we spend most of our time inside buildings whether it be at work or home so we need to create living spaces that help our souls breathe by bringing nature into our everyday. At All The Green Things, we believe plants in our living spaces are as essential as electricity and water in keeping our bodies and minds healthy and happy.

We want to bust the ‘Green Thumb’ myth and show that absolutely anybody can grow plants! If the right plant is picked for your environment and lifestyle then there should be no reason it doesn’t thrive. Any plant purchased from us comes with our ongoing advice and support – community is at the heart of what we do. 

Our Story

Locally owned and run by an urban horticulturalist, environmental scientist and mum Andrea, All The Green Things was started for plant lovers who wanted a dedicated specialist plant place, that also has style! We source pots, planters, hangers and stands that can shine in any room aesthetic. From glazed ceramic to 100% recycled plastic to self-watering; we can help you find the perfect pot combo for your plants.

Working with talented creators

We believe decorating your inside spaces is super important in making a house a home or an office somewhere you actually want to be everyday. That’s why we absolutely love having the opportunity to stock some of the most talented creators and designers in Australia.

Our team

At All The Green Things, we have a dedicated team of passionate plant enthusiasts who are ready to assist you in your planty venture. From plant tips and advice, choosing the perfect plant/pot combo, how to get rid of those annoying pests to repotting your root-bound plant, we are here to help!