CUP O FLORA® Self-Watering Glass Tilt Pot

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CUP O FLORA® is an award-winning self-watering glass pot that allows the plant to self-absorb water through a wick from the outer bowl.

Unlike other self-watering products, the pot's clear design makes it easy to gauge the water level.

The innovative design of this tilt pot allows it to be placed on an angle. The wick is slightly longer to ensure adequate water absorption, while the insert is coned shaped to suit the design. This pot is perfect for ferns, Fittonias and cascading varieties.

Made from durable borosilicate glass.

Diameter: 14 cm
Height: 12 cm
Capacity: 1.3 L

Inner cup
Diameter: 7.5 cm
Height: 9.5 cm
Capacity: 400 mL

* Wick is included