Syngonium Starlite / Zebrina

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From the Araceae family, the syngonium podophyllum is a well-rounded indoor plant that is easy to care for and tolerant to low light. The Syngonium ‘starlite’ is also known as ‘zebrina’ or ‘raggedy anne’. It is popular due to its beautifully compact and uniquely shaped leaves that feature splashes of creamy variegation.

While syngoniums are very tolerant of low light, they will grow faster and maintain their colouring if grown in bright indirect light. However, syngoniums are not tolerant of direct full sun. It is important to allow Syngoniums to fully dry out between each watering.

This plant is in a 100mm pot. All plants a sent express post. Plants cannot be shipped to WA, TAS or NT.