Calathea insignis "Rattlesnake" - 100mm

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The Calathea insignis, commonly referred to as the Calathea rattlesnake, is known for its atypical leaf markings. The leaves of the Calathea insignis feature small and large dark spots which are symmetrically placed along the entirety of the leaf. The underside of these leaves are a striking plum colour.

These Calathea are some of the hardiest within the genus, and are pet-friendly! These plants naturally occur on the forest floor, therefore, they prefer a sheltered position away from direct sun. These plants like their soil to be moist but not wet, so water when the top few centimeters of soil feel dry. Humidity is the key to keeping these plants happy so they love to be placed within a bathroom or grouped with other plants.

This plant is in a 100mm pot. Plants cannot be shipped to WA, TAS or NT.