Monstera siltpecana 'El Salvador' - 100mm

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The Monstera siltepecana, commonly known as the "Monstera El Salvador" or "Silver Leaf Monstera," is a unique and attractive plant that belongs to the Araceae family. It is a vining plant native to the rainforests of Mexico and Central America. The leaves are characterized by their striking silver markings and intricate veining that runs through the leaf surface.

Light Requirements: Monstera siltepecana prefers bright, indirect light. While it can tolerate lower light conditions, its variegation may become less pronounced in lower light.

Watering: Allow the top inch or so of the soil to dry out between waterings. Overwatering can lead to root rot, so it's important to provide well-draining soil and ensure the pot has proper drainage.

Humidity: Like many tropical plants, Monstera siltepecana appreciates higher humidity levels. It can tolerate average indoor humidity, but providing additional humidity through misting or using a humidity tray can be beneficial.

Growth Habit: This Monstera is a vining plant that can grow several feet long. It produces long stems that can trail or climb if provided with suitable support. It's a relatively moderate grower compared to some other Monstera species.

This plant is in a 100mm pot. Plants cannot be shipped to WA, TAS or NT.